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Book Reviews
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Roller Girl
by Victoria Jamieson Graphic Novels

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I really like it it funny not tow intense. Also its about a girl how try's out roller derby and dos not like it at first butt then likes it.

by Brandon Sanderson

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Skyward was a post-apocalyptic treat! The main protagonist is a stubborn, hot-headed, feisty (but somehow simultaneously endearing?) 16-year-old with a burning desire to become a pilot. Readers will find it easy to root for her and the whole cast of other charming characters. Sanderson has created an enigmatic, steampunk, war-torn wasteland of a book which I have tumbled head-long into, and I will definitely be picking up book two!

by Kayla Miller

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This book was an okay book to me because I enjoy graphic novels. Another thing I like this book is because I liked the characters.

Stallion By Starlight
by Mary Pope Osborne

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I like it because it shows you have to be friendly to everyone and you should not brag.

Wicked Saints
by Emily Duncan

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Gothic. Bloody. Tortured. These are all words that can describe the atmosphere of this lovely winter tragedy (and the main love interest, to be frank). I thoroughly enjoyed navigating the chilling winter not-quite-wonderland of Tranavia (plus some other rival country I can't quite recall) with our leads of a human-bird heretic: the monster; a drunkard avoiding a pretentious competition for his hand in marriage: the prince; and a fanatical, brown-nosing, gullible cleric with the ability to channel the power of her gods: the girl. Despite my forward analysis of the characters, I nevertheless sped towards the library and snatched the sequel upon the completion of this book. It will be an angsty riot. *Summary is not included in this review, but you can check it out here: **This review contains solely my thoughts and rantings about the book

The Missing
by Kiersten Modglin

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The Missing is a high-intensity, survival-packed novel that is sure to keep the reader on the edge of their toes. The novel follows the life of one woman after she and four other individuals are dropped off at a mysterious island location. As confusion sets in, the group realizes that they have been abandoned at this offshore location with no means of survival; the group soon receives a note detailing how only one individual will leave the island. Soon, heavy distrust, freak accidents, and destruction by the elements wreck havoc on the group as they fight to survive. The author wrote a huge plot twist at the end of the novel which fully enticed me. Although the content of the novel itself was great, the ending was a bit rushed and some character decisions were rather confusing. Nonetheless, Modglin does a great job of capturing the essence of a group of individuals fighting to survive.

The Last Olympian Percy Jackson
by Rick Riordan

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Great finish to the popular book series

Amina’s Voice
by Hena Khan

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Very emotional book. It shows the troubles and experiences of a Pakistani girl named Amina. From friend trouble to vandalism, this story shows the character’s emotions and feelings amazingly. Amazing book.

Northanger Abbey
by Jane Austen

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Jane Austens' parody of the gothic literature genre is one for the ages. Her witty rendition of the tortured and brooding (but undeniably dashing) love interest is simply just a kind brother with a good fashion sense. As with all Austen-ian works, the angst is top-notch and often drawn-out for dramatic (and squeal-inducing) purposes. The main character is perfectly amiable and charming in her own, naive, clueless way. BONUS: Austen somehow manages to fit a scathing examination of gothic tropes into an enjoyable book--a classic in its own right.

Descendant Of The Crane
by Joan He

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SUMMARY: Hesina, a grieving daughter, is the newly-crowned princess of Yan, a kingdom in a precarious situation between peace and civil war. Before she can fully embrace her new imperial responsibilities, however, she is dead-set on avenging her father's murder. Of course, truth always comes at an extraordinarily high price--one that Hesina cannot afford, as the ruler of an already struggling kingdom. She must wrestle with many moral dilemmas, enlisting the help of an ex-convict and dark figures from her kingdom's bloody past along the way. In a civilization where magic has been outlawed long ago, magic may be the only way forward for Hesina, for her people, and for justice. PERSONAL THOUGHTS: This fantasy novel, a reflection of Chinese tradition, was such a lovely read! The prose was elegant, the characters compelling, and the background rich with Chinese culture. As a standalone, I understand the reasoning behind the hefty length of the book, but I do wish that it was split into two separate novels. I'm not only saying that because the book ends ambiguously, and I need to know what happens next to my precious characters!!!!

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